Land Rover’s authorised distributor to the Aid & Development community

As the sole authorised Land Rover supplier to the Aid & Development sector we understand the needs of organisations operating in uniquely demanding and logistically challenging environments.

Climates are harsh, infrastructure poor and availability of technical assistance is limited. In addition, Aid & Development organisations often face serious safety and security risks as well as the challenge of satisfying vehicle needs on constrained budgets.

Guava International has access to world-class automotive manufacturing facilities, fleet management services, express parts delivery systems and a highly experienced logistics team to back up your Land Rover fleet.

Land Rover offers more than 60 years’ experience in designing and building some of the world’s most distinctive four-wheel drive vehicles, renowned for their versatility, capability and dependability.

Guava International, through our own network of dealers, strong relationships with Land Rover dealers worldwide and 24/7 after-sales support, can offer you the project or fleet solution to meet your exact needs.

Whether it’s adaptability or the ability to deliver personnel and loads across a variety of terrains, or the need for personal protection from our armoured range, we have the vehicles to suit almost every requirement.

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