Fleet Management


Fleet management systems for productivity, efficiency and life-cycle maximisation

Guava International is a subsidiary of RMA Group. As such, it has access to all the resources and power of RMA fleet management around the world. Collectively we manage over 25,000 fleet vehicles today. These fleets are among the most efficiently run and productive working fleets in the world, supported by our fleet management system and service programmes, worldwide parts and service support and cross-border logistic networks. Guava and RMA managed fleets are those in which fleet composition, vehicle types and modifications are designed to meet specific project needs, with no waste or over investment.

Fleet productivity is the result of careful long-term planning of vehicle life cycle, programmed service and maintenance schedules, and training. Guava maintains an inventory of stock vehicles to serve as back up in case of emergency and, should the need arise, has fast-deployment mobile service systems ready to support client projects in remote areas or regions where local service is not available.

Guava fleet planning experts will thoroughly assess a client’s fleet needs and recommend total solutions that are cost effective and designed around budget requirements so that any cost committed to a project is wisely invested in fleet assets and their management.

The Guava approach to fleet composition, vehicle selection and long-term management is done with environmental and safety objectives as integral parts of overall fleet make-up.

Complete Fleet Management

When you entrust your fleet management to a Guava Fleet Solutions plan, you will have a fleet asset management system that covers all aspects of creating and maintaining one of your most important instruments for project success. All aspect of fleet creation and management are in the total Guava fleet management contract service package:

  • Vehicle purchase
  • Complete maintenance control
  • Emergency and mobile service options
  • Annual registration renewal
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Accident management and damage control
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance
  • Fleet and individual reporting including IVMS reporting

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