Keeping your vehicle fully functional

At Guava International we recognise that supplying the vehicle alone is only part of the solution. We ensure that the complete ownership experience must be outstanding from taking delivery and responding to any needs you have.

In order to minimise any potential downtime with your project vehicle we work tirelessly with our own network of global Land Rover dealers covering Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and Sub Saharan Africa as well the worldwide Land Rover network of authorised dealers.

In addition to our strong relationship with the Land Rover network, we offer a 24/7 technical hotline support and should the need arise, a “flying technician” for rapid deployment in remote locations as well as being on location with a fully functional containerised workshop complete with office, parts storage, work bays, tools and technicians, ready to be set up and operational within 72 hours.

Finally, within our group of companies, we hold over $16 million of parts in our dedicated parts centres in the UK, Thailand and Dubai where we can rapidly respond to your emergency needs.

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